Consistent accuracy and reliability even under the harshest conditions.
Newall's Linear Encoders have the following features:
* IP67 rating (NEMA 6)
* Withstands dust, dirt, oil and other harsh environmental conditions
* Requires no cleaning or maintenance
* High tolerance to shock, vibration and acceleration
Newall's Linear Encoders have been in constant development since the launch of the first Encoders in 1973. This continuous design and development gave rise to the reliable and highly accurate Spherosyn™ and Microsyn™ Linear Encoders for use with Newall's Digital Readout systems. It was this combined technology which made the Newall range the market-leaders.
The latest digital SHG and MHG Linear Encoders incorporate a truly unique design in that none of the electrical or measuring components are exposed to harsh workshop environments and they will continue to provide accurate and reliable readings even when fully submerged in water, oil or coolant. For this reason all of the Newall Linear Encoder range have achieved an IP67 (NEMA 6) rating.
Newall's digital Linear Encoder range can interface with all major CNC, NC, PLC and PC products.
Newall also offers the MAG-TS encoder system which features a flexible, magnetically encoded tape scale, and is ideal for both rotary and linear automation applications.

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